Event Flyer

Event Flyer

Below is a screenshot of my project in Microsoft Word where I created it.

Event Flyer Screenshot

Process: I started by brainstorming an idea for the event, and decided on the message and slogan “Be lighter than air so you can lighten their care”. This would be for a hot air balloon ride benefit with proceeds buying lightbulbs for hospitals. My audience is an entire community—people of all ages. I chose hot air balloons and hospitals because they are easily recognized and identified with. Even if participants don’t go for a balloon ride, they are still able to enjoy the festive environment, watch the balloons, and contribute to a worthy cause which blesses people of all ages and walks of life. I liked the shape of the balloons and lightbulbs being similar and planned to use this as a repeating shape in the flyer. I decided the slogan was too long and unclear for an event flyer, so I shortened it to “Lighten Up!” with a simple explanation “Lightbulbs for Hospitals”. I found a picture of a hot air balloon which would work with a color scheme, and removed the background from the photo so I had a picture of just the balloon. I also found an image of a lightbulb and removed the background on it as well. I created a shape, edited it to create a wave at the top and bottom, and added a gradient color of light blue for the sky which faded to a lighter blue (almost white) at the bottom where I planned to place the lightbulb. I then added layers of a similar shape in colors pulled from the hot air balloon to create a visually interesting background, with the darkest color used as the background for the event information in white text. I created a logo for the beneficiary, found an image to use for the benefactor, and created a shape similar to the hot air balloon and lightbulb to use for the date. I chose a decorative font that reminded me of balloon animals for the main title and chose a simple sans serif font as a contrast for the event details and other information. I chose colors for the title fonts from the balloon colors. In order to follow a color scheme, I needed to add red to the flyer, so I used it at the top and bottom, with a modified shape at the top to compliment the “wavy” shapes below. This created a wavy line repeated throughout the flyer. I ensured that all items on the left, bottom, and right were aligned and made sure my margins were 0.5 inch from the edge. After receiving critiques, I changed quite a few things which clarified and simplified the message and flyer.

Critique Report: I posted my first draft to our class Facebook group 3 days before the project was due and received input from two classmates. Meghan Farner was confused by my title being “Lighten Up!” and “Lightbulbs for Hospitals” because it didn’t explain what the actual event was. Shawdee Snow suggested that I add an explanation along with the title to explain the event also. I absolutely agreed with them, and changed the title to “Balloon Rides for Lightbulbs”. I kept the “Lighten Up!” idea and created an additional text box aligned above the hot air balloon indicating that this was a 4th annual event of Lighten Up! The next day, I reposted in Facebook with the changes I made, and received feedback from Jaclyn Stephens suggesting that I only use one lightbulb image and move it into the blue area at the bottom. She also suggested I left align some of the event information below the balloon. I incorporated all her suggestions and thought the resulting flyer looked much better. I then submitted this version to our class instructor, Sister Peterson. She suggested that I better align the image and logo with the font at bottom of page. The main title was looking too similar in color, size, and weight so she suggested that I change ‘Lightbulbs’ to either green or yellow to create some visual contrast. She warned me to be cautious with the potential for trapped white space created by the placement of my title text. To incorporate the changes, I inserted a horizontal line to make sure I aligned the text and logos at the bottom and then deleted the line. I changed the color of ‘Lightbulbs’ to green. I also decreased the font size of this word a little bit to add some variety, increase the space to the left of the text, and decrease the feeling of potential trapped white space.

5A.Color Scheme

Font names/categories: Title: Forte (decorative); Copy: Microsoft JhengHei UI Light (sans serif)

Links to image sources:

Lightbulb: http://www.wayfair.com/GE-50-100-150W-120-Volt-Incandescent-Light-Bulb-GEL97785-UDZ1030.html

Hot Air Balloon: http://motleynews.net/2012/02/13/the-parting-shot-for-february-13-2012/

Tooth: http://www.teethbyheath.ca/Videos.html

Word heart: http://www.clipartbest.com/world-heart-clipart

6 thoughts on “Event Flyer

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  2. Becca, I love your final product! I got to see it before and after revisions, and I think you did a great job of applying critiques! Your message is much more clear. Also, I think you picked the perfect color scheme to go along with the event. Any organization would be proud to hang this flier in their window!

    Check out my project at meghanfarner.wordpress.com!


  3. I love your flyer, its full of color and eye catching. I found the balloon to be the grabbing point then the fonts and sizes helped me work my way around the page. Great job.


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