Movie Poster Project



Message/Audience: For this project, we were assigned to create a movie poster to introduce ourselves to co-workers at a new job. Since I love being adventurous and a bit daring, and I balance the fear involved with those circumstances with being somewhat goofy, I wanted to create an adventure-turned-thriller type of movie with a twist of ridiculous humor. I love venturing into the unknown, and although it can sometimes mean heading for disaster, I tend to survive the threats with humor, a few good skills, and dumb luck.

Process: I used Photoshop for this project, and utilized a movie poster for Malibu Shark Attack for the large portion of this poster. I isolated the bottom shark teeth, top shark teeth, and water/face as 3 separate images. I then moved the bottom teeth up so I could create a black area below for my body text in the Movie Font to be more visible. I added my own photo of sky above the water and behind the top shark teeth after manually adjusting it to better match the color and tone of the water. I also manually adjusted a picture of my face to cover the actor’s face in the picture, created a mask to only show the portion of my face that I wanted, and adjusted the lighting and shading to make the faces blend into each other. Last of all, I added the text in individual textboxes for each area and adjusted their colors as needed.

Critique Report: I posted my project on our class Facebook page for feedback and sent a copy to my class instructor. I received a recommendation from a classmate, Christina Carrick, to address the lighting on my face, and my instructor also mentioned this area of the poster, suggesting that I could lighten the side of my face a bit more where the light source is coming in. I used the dodge tool to accomplish this edit. It took several tries before getting the right balance of lightening the image but keeping some shadows so it still looked realistic. Additionally, my instructor said my text was too close to the left and right edges in the area at the bottom of my poster, so I adjusted that.

Original image taken by Becca Hancock: sky
Original image  taken by John Jones: Becca’s face
Movie poster:

Name at top =  Goudy Old Style Bold (Serif)
Movie Title & Date = Impact Regular (Sans Serif)
Body Copy = SF Movie Poster Condensed Regular & SF Movie Poster Bold (Sans Serif)



3 thoughts on “Movie Poster Project

  1. While i will admit the project does look very good I have slight concerns you may have not been as creative as you could have been. Considering that all you did was recycle an existing poster i feel like more creative work could have been done… Although you did do a excellent job changing your face into the poster.


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