Magazine Spread Draft Critique

This week has been a really exciting one because I was able to start working on creating my magazine spread which started several weeks ago. After creating a few shape maps and finding images online to use, I decided on a specific layout and was really excited to see what it would look like with all the pieces together. Knowing that I was writing a piece which could be used in the Ensign, I wanted a simple, meaningful layout for the audience of adult and young adult readers, with one main image which would strengthen the message of the story I was sharing. With this in mind, I adjusted my shape map to have a more neutral color tone with a stronger pop of color only on the title. To set up my page in InDesign, I used a Tabloid-size page and added 0.5 inch margins inside the page as guidelines. My next step was to place the actual image.  I had previously “cut” the glass out of the photo in Photoshop, applied a transparent background around it, and then adjusted the shading of the photo to make it look better on the InDesign page.  After placing the image in InDesign, I added a gradient background to the entire page and created an invisible shape following the shape of the cup which I applied a text wrap to so the body copy would wrap around the glass. I inserted my text for the story and title, applied specific fonts, and adjusted the height of the text columns and the leading to make the body copy look more evenly spaced. I also received some classmate feedback which I applied (part of which indicated that the page needed more color), so I reverted back to my original plan of having a monochromatic blue color scheme. This is what the magazine spread looks like before the final critique:


Here are the sketch and shape map used for this project:



Title: Franklin Gothic Book (Sans Serif) & Rage Italic (Decorative)
Body: Georgia (Serif)
Colored Quote Box: Franklin Gothic Book, Franklin Gothic Demi (Sans Serif)

Image Sources:
President Uchtdorf:







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