Final Portfolio


To create a compilation of my class projects, I first created a beginning and end slide in Microsoft PowerPoint. I used repeating shapes from these designs to create a template for the project pages, created copies of this template and then inserted the project images into each slide. I then added a gradient background to each slide with colors chosen from the project images (I used the eyedropper tool for this). Once all the slides were completed, I created a PDF of the slides and converted them to JPGs in order to maintain the integrity of the slides when viewed on any computer (sometimes the fonts don’t translate correctly if you don’t do this step). I reinserted the JPGs into PowerPoint, created a new PDF, and uploaded it into a slideshow program, Slideshare. My audience is potential employers, with the message that I would be a great fit for their company.

I first posted my slideshow in our class Facebook group several days before the due date. Christina Carrick suggested that I work on the alignment of some of my images. I also submitted the project to my instructor. She also pointed out the need for better alignment, and additionally suggested that I remove some of the gradient shading in one of my design elements, and fix an area of trapped white space. I took all the recommendations given, and this was the finished slideshow.


7 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. I have loved seeing your work each week! I honestly found myself asking, “I wonder what Becca and April will do with this.” The portfolio really showcased your work well! You have a real style and a lot of natural abilities! I’ve been so impressed by your work all semester, especially your movie poster, slide design, and magazine layouts! Good luck in the future! Also, check out Mario’s work here:


  2. I can’t tell you how much I love this. Your intro and conclusion slides are amazing. The colors contrast so well, as does the typography. The arrows are a really awesome additional element. The colors you chose for the individual slides goes so well with each of your designs. I love it!!


  3. Great job Becca!! The consistant design you used throughout the slideshow is pretty cool!! It works well to tie it all together. I especially liked the slide design assignment and typography project that you did!! Great job again.


  4. Hey becca you did great this semester. I really love the unity of your design and the cool design. All your projects had a great design element. I can tell you have an eye for all these things. You really excelled in making all your designs proffessional and eye catching. Great job. Nice having class with you! here is my blog if you wanna check it out


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